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Services: Proprietary Analysis; Specialization: Collateral Planning

Industry: Transportation and Natural Resources; broadly mining and the transport of mineral products, specifically coal production and distribution, encompassing interrelated mineral production and dependent industrial processes, including the coal-fired electric generation industry and associated public policy compliance issues.

Function: Provide interdisciplinary analysis and planning for compatibility integration of complex mineral production and distribution systems. Responsible for establishing raw field numbers as an extrapolation base for production and haulage projections. Proprietary (reported only to mining and transportation companies) analysis, review and verification of out-sourced analysis/data viability as part of a system of checks and balances on consultant and academic figures for technical services purchasing cost containment.

Personal History: A strong cultural and family historic linkage to the hard-rock mining in Northeastern Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region established a desire to fulfill a fifth generation mining tradition. On mine site virtually lifelong: first into the stripping pits at age 2 or 3, underground since age 8, and actively learning deep-mining and associated skills from age 13. Since then, built the largest individually-produced historic record, through photography and ancillary material, in Anthracite Region's history, and possibly American coal culture in general. Documentation work is entirely self-funded, without academic affiliation or financial support, public or otherwise. Site tours and presentations on contemporary and historic coal, material processing, and transportation technology prepared in response to requests from academic institutions, historic and cultural organizations, and industry. 1998 is considered Scott's silver anniversary year in the coal industry.

Academic History: B.A. in Geography/Geology; B.A. in Economics; Ohio Wesleyan University, 1982. Post-graduate coursework in Transportation Logistics; Ohio State University. Continues historic research in support of field work and documentation efforts for repositories of industrial technology.

Career History: Help positions in the natural resource and transportation industries beginning with commodity sales in the lumber industry, followed by providing advertising support material as a contractor, and including public relations and advertising in the transit industry. Throughout the 1990s, have focused experience on mining and bulk transportation, specifically the integration planning and comparative analysis of coal production and distribution technologies. Currently this requires a field schedule averaging 240 days on the road per year.

Collateral Planning: Requiring a full overview of componential functions leading to an integrated system, Collateral Planning anticipates compatibility snags resulting from the disconnected view of theorists and academics. On-site troubleshooting and individual follow-through on all phases of production and transport, combined with constructing raw data and fully understanding its representations in the field, results in cost avoidance and project integration success.

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